‘I never thought it would end this way’: Ireland mourns death of pet dog

A pet dog whose life was turned upside down when it was mauled by a car in Ireland was laid to rest yesterday.

Ruth, a pit bull-mix from Dublin, was taken from the family in Cork to a veterinary hospital in May for emergency surgery.

The dog’s owner, who has not been named, said she had been concerned about her dog since the beginning.

“I never had a problem with the dog until the accident,” she said.

“When it was in Cork, she was a normal pit bull mix, she loved her friends and had a good life.”

But when she got into the car, she had the best of intentions.

“We had never seen her before in our life and thought she was going to be a good companion.”

It was a tragic accident.

It was so unexpected, but she is still very strong.

“Ruth was my best friend.

I didn’t know what was happening to her, I thought she would just be fine.”

She said her dog was a “good girl” and loved to jump in the yard to play.

Her family has had to put the dog down and has asked for privacy.

After the accident, Ruth was given a metal collar and a special potter’s basket with weights.

Her owners said the dog had “a bit of a temper”.

“It wasn’t a violent dog, it was just a bit of an odd dog,” said Ruth’s owner.

“We’ve got her now, we just wish she was OK.”

Irish Times

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