How to buy a mermaid mask

The Mermaid tail and blanket are one of the most popular items that have made their way to Target stores, and now they can also be bought online.

The mask is designed to fit over the mermaid’s head and is the perfect gift for the merpeople, and it also comes in several different colors. 

Target offers the mask in several colors, including white, pink, red, blue and purple, according to its website.

The mermaid is not required to buy the mask to wear it, however, and if you buy it online you can skip the checkout process and buy it at Target stores. 

“I think it is a really fun and cool accessory to have around the house,” Target employee Stephanie Smith told the Washington Post. 

The mermaid costume is designed by the actress Jennifer Garner and is one of Garner’s favorite mermaid costumes, according the Washington Examiner.

The dress, which was released last year, was inspired by the mermen who lived in the Amazon. 

If you’re not interested in the mermeras costume, you can also buy a “Mermaid headband” to wear over the mask.

The headband is made of cotton and comes in two colors.

Target also offers the masks as a gift, as long as you buy the merwomen mask online, according the Washington Post’s Sarah Larimer. 

And while Target is the only major retailer offering the mermids headband, other retailers like Walmart and Best Buy also offer the merwoman headband. 

This article was written by Rachel Tannenbaum from The Washington Examiner’s Washington Bureau.

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