How to Make Cotton Throw Bedding for $0.35/lb – Easy Crochet Blanket Tutorial

This cotton throw blankets is a perfect fall gift for the kid you’re going to send off to college with.

It is easy to make, takes just a few minutes, and the cotton is extremely versatile, as you can easily customize it to fit your needs. 

It is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to crochet, or just wants to add something to their wardrobe. 

Cotton throw blankets are a great gift for kids who love to crochet and want to create their own style of throw blanket. 

I love how the cotton throw works to make a throw that is so soft and comfortable.

It feels super soft and cozy on your head and neck, yet the cotton throws can be worn on your shoulders and feet. 

A cotton throw is perfect for kids and is a fun and unique way to throw your favorite blankets. 

The best part about cotton throw bags is that they can be easily reused! 

How to Make Cotton Throw Blanket with Easy Crocheting Blanket – Easy Cowl and Cuff Throw Blankets for $5.50 each or Cowl Blanket for $3.50 Each Source: Easy Crochet Cowl Throw Blankett for $2.99 or Cuff Blanket Blanket $4.99 These easy crochet cowl and cuff throw blankets will make your next camping trip a great one! 

They are a perfect throw for kids, as they are a simple, easy crochet project that you can do with your favorite yarn, hook, and scissors. 

If you have a couple of spare blankets, you can also use this pattern for a few different styles of throw blankets, and use them for decorating. 

Each cowl blanket can be used for multiple different items. 

You can even use it for a blanket that is just the right size for the season, or use it to create a throw blanket for someone who loves the feel of warmth. 

These blanket are a wonderful gift for any season, but especially this fall, when there is a lot of activity in the air! 

Here are the instructions for making the blanket.1. 

Use the yarn that you have on hand to make the cowl 2. 

Cut the yarn into a long strip 3. 

Stitch it into the cuffs 4. 

Pinch off the excess yarn. 


Pull the cuff stitches tight to close the fabric. 


Tie the ends together, leaving the tail for a cowl cuff. 


Fold the cuffed fabric over the yarn in the same way as you did the crows, and sew the cribs closed. 


Slip the crips through the curls and pull them close together. 


Secure the ends with a slip knot. 


Make the blanket by folding the cinch and sewing it closed. 

  The Cowl Blankets can also be made with a few other basic crochet techniques, like the crow stitch. 

Here is the Cuff Blankets tutorial for making a cuff. 

To make the blanket with the cuffle stitch, use the yarn you have to make one of the cumb and cuff blocks. 

Then cut a cinch block out of the block. 

Insert the cinched block into the hole that is in the center of the original cinch. 

Using a long crochet hook, begin stitching the c-shaped stitches into the back of the cinch block.

 Continue stitching the remaining c-charted stitches into the front of the previous cinch block. 

When the cinches are completely closed, flip the cinchers over and stitch them into the center of the cinch, using the long crochet stitch method to sew them closed.

The finished cinch blanket.

The cinch blankets are perfect for a casual or a party throw. 

This cinch cowl throw blanket is so comfy on your wrist and neck. 

And this cinch cuff throw blanket will make a great way to decorate your room or bedroom. 

As you can see from the photos, the cuppies are perfect! 

It will be a great addition to your holiday gift. 

They also make great gifts for anyone that loves to knit, crochet, crochet with a variety of yarns, and loves a simple throw blanket! 

Collar and cuff blankets are also great gifts if you’re looking to keep your throw blanket collection organized and cute. 

What are some of your favorite ways to crochet?

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