How to make a chunky knit sweater

In an age when most women have a full-time job, the chunky knitting blanket is an everyday necessity.

A new book, Chunky Knit, has helped us to find a new way to knit the blanket in a fun, relaxed and creative way.

In the book, Claire and I explore what makes a chubby knit sweater and why it is so popular. 

It all started with a small project Claire and her family had been working on, a chubby knit blanket.

“We started out with the simplest thing we could find, a single strand of yarn,” she says.

“It was only two strands and then we added some beads and embroidery.” 

“We were really pleased with the results, and we really liked how they turned out.

We started to see it was really a great knit and it was a fun thing to knit,” Claire says. 

“Then we thought, why not try to make one for the kids?

We knew it would be hard to knit and knit well but we thought it would just be a great project for the family to enjoy.”

The result was a very unique, unique, chubby knitted blanket.

It was made from the smallest yarn we could get our hands on, just two strands of wool, and a few beads,” she continues. 

What you need to know about this chunky wool knitted sweater: It’s knit with two strands, one of which is a single colour yarn.

This means it can be worn with any length of knitting and will look stunning on the knitted fronts of a sweater or as a decorative item.

It is also very soft and comfortable.

It’s knitted with a wide range of colours and weights.

It can be knit in a variety of different sizes, including the chubby, medium and wide variety of sizes.

It comes together quickly,” Claire explains. “

There is no pattern to memorise.

It comes together quickly,” Claire explains.

You can purchase the chubbie knit blanket on the website for £15 (about €20) and on the Knit It Shop for £20 (about $29). “

The pattern itself is easy to knit with, and you can change up the colour of the yarn to make the blanket even more unique and colourful,” she adds. 

You can purchase the chubbie knit blanket on the website for £15 (about €20) and on the Knit It Shop for £20 (about $29). 

To order a chubbier version of this pattern, visit the Chubbier Crochet Facebook page and click on the button for “Make a Chunky Crochet Blanket”. 

The chubby knitting blanket in this photo is a double-knit, knit in two strands. 

This chunky blanket is made from two strands that are knit in one colour. 

A simple double-tongue-in-the-hand (CTHI) technique is used to knit in the two strands with a different colour.

This technique is called a double yarn.

The stitches used in this project are knit with one colour yarn, the same colour as the chubbie yarn, but this time using different colours of yarn, a variety. 

The pattern uses a number of different stitches to make it look a bit different.

You can see a more detailed tutorial for how to knit this chubby yarn knit blanket below. 

Claire explains the process to make this chubbied wool knit blanket and it’s quite easy. 

First you need two strands (you can choose to knit one colour and one colour is used for the second). 

You then start with the chubs, which is the colour that you used for your first stitch. 

In this example, the first stitch is the second colour and the second stitch is pink. 

Now, as you knit, you have to knit your yarn in different colours to give it the appearance of two different colours. 

There are two types of stitches used for this, double crochet and single crochet. 

For this example we are using a single crochet stitch for the first two stitches, and double crochet stitch, for the third stitch.

The chubbies is knit with a single color yarn, so you don’t need to work with a yarn needle to knit it. 

So the first colour that’s used is the one that is going to be the next colour in the stitch.

The stitch is knit using the same stitch as the second color. 

Next you knit your next stitch with the colour you used to make your first colour.

The second colour will be used as the next stitch.

Now you knit the second st of the stitch to create the next single colour stitch.

You have to do the same as you did the first time to make sure that the second single colour is the next one that’s going to go in the row. 

As you knit these stitches, the stitches that you knit

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