How to keep your blankets from getting wet when you’re on vacation

You’ve got a blanket you want to hang up in the bathroom, but you’ve got it tucked away somewhere safe.

You’ve made sure your bed is empty, but it’s getting pretty chilly.

You have the perfect blanket to use for a cold shower.

The problem is that it might get wet when the air conditioning is on.

“What if I put the blanket on the floor and turn it off while I’m outside?” you ask.

That’s exactly what you should do.

In fact, there’s a very simple way to keep blankets and other items wet while you’re out.

Here are five quick and easy ways to keep them dry while out and about.


Keep them dry with the sheets You can keep blankets, bedding, and other small items in the shower and closet.

Put them in a plastic bag, or put them in the washable dishwasher.

This makes it easy to keep the item dry, even when it’s cold outside.

The dryness keeps them from getting cold or wrinkling.

If you want the item to be dry when you take it to the wash, use the same method.

“I put my bedding in the washing machine with the water coming out the bottom of the machine,” says Amanda.

“The water comes out the top, and the inside of the box is very dry.”


Make sure your towels are dry with a towel wipe 3.

Wrap towels in plastic wrap or use a small towel roll to keep towels from getting dirty.

“Towels should be rolled to the side or the top to keep it from drying,” says Emily.

“We wrap towels around the sides or the bottom so that they don’t dry in the air.”


Cover your pillow case with a pillow case pillow case.

If the pillow case has an air vent on it, wrap a piece of fabric around it to keep air out.

“It helps to put a piece underneath,” says Katie.

“That way you’re not blowing bubbles.”


Use a washable fabric towel to clean your towels and bedding.

“A washable cloth towel is perfect for keeping towels clean when you are outdoors,” says Julie.

“With all of the different types of towels out there, it’s easy to forget that you have a towel with you when you leave home.”

For more tips on how to keep small items dry while outdoors, read this article about keeping laundry and other clothes dry when in your home.

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