When Louis Vuitton and Claire Danes teamed up to make cute blankets for children

RTE 1.7k VIEWS 3.5k In the summer of 2021, Louis Vuitch and Claire Dansen launched the first Louis Vuittons “baby blanket” in a way that would have been unheard of in 2016.

Their effort, called “Cute Blankets”, has since gone on to be the inspiration for countless cute blankets across the globe.

The first “baby” blanket was created by Louis Vuillettes creative team of art director Claire Danyens and head of design, Jean-Marie Béliveau, at the Dessons home in Los Angeles, California.

The project was named after Claire’s parents, the duo were friends since childhood and their first child, Louis.

The blankets were inspired by the children they had, with the main character, Claire, being a child of the 1940s and 50s.

In 2016, the Damesens started to plan a follow-up project to “Crazy Blankets” with their husband, Louis’s longtime friend and fellow artist, Jean Bébeau. 

Jean-Marie started to work on a “Cutesy Baby Blanket” concept, which was a collection of two or three children’s toys made with fabric and fabric patterns that could be stitched together with a sewing machine.

The idea was that the designs would be a playful way to introduce children to the fabric and patterns that are used for baby clothes.

This year, Louis has been collaborating with his close friend, Jean Danyen, and her creative team at the company, for another collection of baby blankets.

They decided to do the “Cuesy Baby” series in collaboration with Louis, and the results are something that you could say was a response to the baby craze.

Louis and Claire are no strangers to this type of project.

Claire and Louis collaborated on a few children’s designs for the “Baby Blankets”.

Claire also did a “cute” baby blanket for Louis when he was just eight years old. 

In 2017, the “cutesy” baby blankets were launched at Desson’s home, “Cuey”, with the theme of “CUTE, DARE, DIE”. 

Desson says that the blanket “cues” her daughter, Lachlan, when she is at home, and it is also a way for her to share the baby story with her children.

Cuesies are a word that Louis has coined to describe the joy that comes when a baby is born.

He says that his “cue” is the idea that it is a way to take you away from the day to take a look at the world and what life has to offer.

He has always wanted to make the “baby blankets” to be an inspiration for kids and parents everywhere.

He told CBC News that they wanted to bring the idea of the blanket to the world in this way, and to be a way of making a connection with kids.

We want to be able to give them the sense that we care about them, so that they feel that they are important and loved, he added.

The “Cutsies” series has inspired many other baby blankets in the last few years, with some being sold as “baby kits” and others selling for a very reasonable price. 

Louis Vuitton’s new line of “baby bags” is also inspired by “Criesies”, and the company’s designers have also created some cute babies and kids’ bags.

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