I’m a writer with a career in comedy and writing

I’m one of the lucky ones who got the chance to get in on the comedy scene.

I’m the host of the new ABC comedy comedy, The Comedy Hour, and have been for a few years.

In between the two, I have written for various magazines, TV and films.

I love to laugh, so my days as a writer are usually filled with laughs.

I started out as a stand-up in my early 20s, and after I graduated I moved to Sydney for the comedy circuit.

I was doing stand-ups on the Gold Coast, but then moved to Brisbane to do comedy on the Sunshine Coast.

I’m a comic on the set of my new ABC sitcom The Comedy Show, which I’m very happy to be part of.

How do you write a standup show?

I write in a way that’s very funny.

The characters are my jokes, and I think the comedy is a combination of a bit of the old-fashioned comedy, like the old British sitcom The Blackadder Goes Forth, and a bit more contemporary.

My comedy is based around a bit like an American comedy, and that’s something I love doing.

I think I’m funny because I’m always trying to be funny.

What’s it like working with comedian Ben Goldacre?

Ben is the most interesting character in the whole show, because he’s just such a fantastic human being.

He’s so open, he’s such a genuinely good friend, he loves his kids.

Ben is the kind of person who would do anything for you.

I have to say that Ben is an amazing writer.

I really like his work, and Ben is a fantastic comedian, and he’s a really great friend of mine.

I would say his writing is second to none, he just keeps doing new things and doing things that are different.

Ben and I have a lot of fun together.

Have you ever had to put yourself out there?

Ben and the crew have been incredibly supportive of my writing, and they know what I’m capable of doing, so it’s always been fun to work with them.

Where did you learn your comedy?

I got into stand-Up in my 20s.

I had been doing comedy for a long time, and then in my mid-30s I went to the US and got my first job.

At that time I was on stage in a lot more clubs than I am now, and had the privilege of being a regular on a few sitcoms.

After I left the US, I did a lot on television, and in a few months I got the job on the ABC.

It was great, and it was great because I was able to go on stage and do stand-Ups with people I didn’t even know, and get them excited about the work I was creating.

Do you have a routine?

There’s something called the stand-UP routine, and the idea is to go into your stand-alones and do a bit.

Ben Goldacres the writers.

He’ll do a scene, and once we have it we will do a sketch together, and you can’t do it any other way.

I like to be in my stand-alone, and make sure I’m doing something really funny.

So that’s the thing I love about stand-Us and the comedy routines.

The writers will put you in the right position to get the right punch lines.

So for example, Ben and a writer friend of ours called Mark, he did a scene with Ben and his friend on Saturday Night Live a couple of years ago, and we thought that was really funny, and everyone on the cast was laughing at it.

I wrote that for Ben, and Mark did the scene for me.

So it’s not just a one-off stand-upping, we’re using Ben to do the same thing every week, and all of us on the team are laughing at Ben’s jokes and seeing how they’re coming out.

Ben gets a lot out of that.

The best part of being on the show is the audience, because they are the audience.

So Ben is always really excited about a scene or a sketch, and as a comedian you can just go in there and get on with the job, but that’s not the case with the audience because you get a sense of the fun you’re having.

Can you tell me about your background in stand- Up?

I was born in Sydney, and grew up in Melbourne.

I went into the theatre at a very young age, so when I got to the ABC I was really hooked.

I started off in the comedy department, but I got really into stand up a couple years later, when I started to have a bit in the US.

I also went to a comedy school in Brisbane, and got a job in Sydney as a comedy writer.

That was in 2002.

When did you get your first job?

That was in

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