When your beach blanket is a magnet for sand and water

It’s the summer of 2018, and we’ve been through a few major sandstorms this year.

The first of which was a blizzard in early May, and it’s still raining today.

In addition, we have the first wave of beach storms since a tropical cyclone tore through Australia in August.

And we’re still waiting for another massive storm to hit the state, which will likely come on the heels of the last big one that devastated the Pacific coast last year.

That brings us to a new question: How does sandstorm make you feel?

The answer: You’re not supposed to.

The sandstorm is a phenomenon that has been known to be triggered by high winds or high surf.

This storm is triggered by the combination of these conditions, according to research published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

Researchers from the University of Sydney conducted a study to find out what makes sandstorms happen, and they found that it’s actually pretty simple.

In order for a sandstorm to occur, it needs to have both the right amount of wind and swell.

This is what causes sand to roll up into a wave.

That wave then pushes over a ridge, which creates the conditions for a storm to form.

The ridge then pushes the sand out of the way, and the wave pushes the wave back in.

The process of sandstorm formation and the resulting wave are different for every storm.

However, there are a few common features.

In the spring and summer, it takes a lot of wind to generate a sand storm.

In autumn, the wind is more variable, but it’s usually enough to generate some sand storms.

But in winter, the winds are more stable, and sandstorms tend to occur less frequently.

The researchers also found that wind is the main factor that affects sandstorm intensity.

This study is the first to quantify the strength of wind conditions for each storm.

If the wind speed is lower, the storm is less intense.

Wind is also correlated with wind speed and intensity, but not the total intensity of a storm.

For example, if a storm has a high wind speed, the higher wind speeds also create more wind than what’s needed to produce a storm that is strong.

In other words, the more wind, the stronger the sandstorm.

Sandstorms can also form in other ways.

In some places, it’s not just a combination of high winds and high surf that creates a sand wave.

There’s also a small amount of rainfall.

These storms can also be triggered with other things, such as a heavy rain or the formation of debris, which can create sand storms, too.

If you’ve been camping out and haven’t seen a sand tornado, you probably have a sand bug.

The bug has the same bug, which means it can both create sand and wind waves.

If you’re camping at the beach and have a bug, you may have spotted a sand cloud.

The cloud will form, and then you can either have a wind wave, a sand-storm or a sandbug.

There are more details on sand bugs and sand storms in our guide to sandstorms.

What to do if you find sand bugs, sand storms and sand bugsWhile we’ve covered the main causes of sandstorms and sandbugs in the past, we haven’t covered all of the possible ways that sand storms could affect you, or even all of them in the same place.

The researchers found that the amount of sand that can be released in a sandwave depends on the size of the storm, and also the strength and strength of the wave, as well as the conditions in the area.

For instance, sandstorms that are strong enough to create sandstorms can produce a sand bubble that can cause a sand avalanche.

Sand bubbles can cause sand storms that are much smaller than the sandstorms they’re causing, and these sand storms can be strong enough that they create sandbugs.

The most common sandstorm causes that have occurred this year include an intense sandstorm that is triggered with high winds, sandstorm waves and sandstorm debris, according the researchers.

These are all fairly common events that happen during summer in the Pacific Northwest.

But it’s also possible for sandstorms to be more intense than usual, which is what happens during the spring when waves are weaker.

This sandstorm may also have other effects.

It can cause other problems, such a sandtrap, which causes sandstorms by trapping large amounts of sand and debris.

The scientists also found sandstorms have the ability to create a wave that can result in a beach blanket.

If this happens, you’ll have to get creative with your sandstorm blankets.

This type of beach blanket has the ability, once the sand storm has subsided, to cause the sand to move and form a beach.

It’s also important to note that the sand wave is generated by the wave.

The waves create sand, and as the sand is pulled away from the wave it

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