Why is the costco pendley blanket $7.00 and not $6.75?

Why is this umbrella a $7 or $6 purchase?

The umbrella was sold for $7 at Costco.

However, it does have a $6 price tag on it.

If you use the coupon code “FALSE” you get $7 off the price of this umbrella.

Here’s how you can use the code to save money.


Use coupon code FALSE to save $7 on your purchase at Costco, using this coupon code: “FELT”2.

Save $7 by using the coupon “FOUND” to save on your next purchase at the same Costco store.3.

Enter the code “FOLLOW” to get $10 off of your next Costco purchase.4.

Use the code on this coupon to get the discount off the total price of your order.

You can use this code to get a discount on a variety of Costco products including: blankets, umbrellas, towels, towels in-store, and other items.

You can also use the same coupon code to receive a free $5 Costco gift card.

This code can be redeemed at Costco in-stores or online.

To get the best deal on this item, enter the code FOLLOW on the checkout screen.

This coupon code works for both Costco and Best Buy locations.

The code can also be used at select online retailers, such as Target, Wal-Mart, Walmart, and Costco.

You’ll also need to be a member of Costco or Best Buy to get this discount.

Costco is offering a $50 gift card with the purchase of the $50 Pendleton umbrella, or you can purchase the umbrella from the Pendleton website and save $25 on the purchase price.

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