“Weird Al” Yankovic’s new song is about the ‘unintended consequences of ‘Weirdness'”

The man who coined the term “weird” has had a tough few years.

The world was not quite ready for “weeks” as “we” and “them” when “we,” “them,” and “they” were used interchangeably.

Then, in 2016, “we”—or the internet, for that matter—changed.

A year later, it was a “we/we’re” or “they’re” to be more than a catchphrase for people to say.

And a decade later, a “they”—or “you”—was used in conjunction with the term to describe someone.

“I’m not saying that we’re wrong.

I’m just saying that when we do use it, it’s not always the most appropriate way to say things,” Yankiewicz told MTV News.

“So it’s like, what do we do with it?

So that’s why it’s weird.

And it’s funny.

I think we’ve all felt that way about something.

It’s weird.”

For a while, Yankowicz said, he felt he needed to be a bit more open with his words.

“It’s always been like, you know what, I have a thing about not being open with people,” he said.

“When I’m around people, I want them to know that I’m not here to make fun of them.

That’s not who I am.

I just want them know that they’re not supposed to make the assumption that I am just going to make jokes about them or anything like that.

And then that’s when I started to get really, really, weird.”

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