You might want to move a pair of fluffy blankets to a larger size because of new research

A new study finds that moving blankets might be better for people with severe back pain than moving them in a traditional way.

The new research, conducted by researchers at the University of Oxford, Oxford University, and the University Hospitals of Vienna, suggests that moving a blanket could reduce back pain symptoms by up to 50%.

“We found that moving the blankets in a regular way would reduce pain, but this might be because people with back pain move them more frequently than people with other conditions,” said Dr David Wintour, who led the research.

“Moving the blankets more often could reduce pain in people with some conditions.”

The research looked at moving blankets for back pain in patients with a range of conditions, including fibromyalgia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, fibromyastomy, and spinal cord injury.

Researchers found that people with fibromyalgies, chronic pain, spinal cord injuries, and some types of spasticity experienced significantly more pain when moving blankets than they did when moving them using traditional methods.

“In a previous study we found that the back pain experienced by people with spinal cord and spinal muscular disorders was associated with moving the bed rather than a mattress or other furniture,” said the research team.

“Our research found that if people move the blankets, they also suffer pain from these other conditions.”

However, moving blankets to smaller sizes, such as the size of a single bed, was not associated with significant pain reduction.

“We could see a difference in the pain of people with chronic back pain compared to people with non-back pain,” said Wintours.

“But the effect of moving the blanket was not significant.”

The researchers then looked at whether moving the small blankets was associated to less pain in the general population.

“The most common reason for moving the big blankets is to move them in order to reduce pain,” Dr WintOUR said.

“People with fibrous diseases such as fibromyopia, spastic paralysis, spinal chord injury, and other conditions tend to move their blankets more frequently.”

However moving the smaller blankets was not linked to pain reduction in those with fibroids, spinal muscular diseases, and spastic disabilities.

“Some people might not move the small ones very often, and there’s not enough evidence that moving them more often is helpful,” Dr Daphne Rochon, from the Centre for Neuroscience and Behaviour at the Institute of Medical Research in London, said.

Professor Alan Oakes, who co-authored the research, said the findings highlighted the importance of moving blankets.

“If people want to get rid of their pain, then moving a bed is a good way to do it,” Professor Oakes said.

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