How to keep your blanket from getting cold

A blanket is a nice, fluffy thing to wrap around you when you are cold.

But as you get older, it can get a bit chilly, and blanket sales can become an increasing burden for some people.

We spoke to our experts to find out how to keep a blanket warm while in your home.


The blanket needs to stay warm When you are wrapping your blanket around your neck, it will not feel warm unless it has been a long time since you last wrapped around your body.

If it is cold out, the blanket will feel chilly.


Your blanket needs more insulation This is an important part of keeping your blanket warm.

It is important to get a warm blanket that is at least 10% more insulation than the other parts of your house.


Wrap it around your head Wrap your head around your blanket as tightly as you can.

You need to keep the warmth of the blanket within you, but not touching the outside of your head.

If you have a hood, you will need to wrap the blanket around the hood to keep it warm.


Wrap the blanket over your arms and legs Wrap your blanket over the ends of your arms or legs to keep you warm.

The insulation is important because the colder the blanket, the less insulation you need.


Wrap around your waist Wrap the whole of your blanket between your waist and your knees.

Wrap with a tight knot at the end.

You can wrap it to your knees to keep from getting chilled.


Wrap over your head Keep your blanket tightly wrapped around the head to keep things cool.


Wrap a bit around your chest Wrap the rest of your coat around the top of your chest.


Wrap under your arms Wrap around the bottom of your arm or legs.


Wrap in the middle Wrap around at least one other part of your body, but don’t wrap around the whole thing.

This will keep it cool.


Wrap on top Wrap around under your chin.

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