How to make the perfect scarf for infrared saunas

This pattern is available for free download on .

Follow the tutorial here .

I use a variety of yarns for this scarf. 

I use Chunky Yarn ( shown above) for the head and shoulders.

I also use Dobby’s Silk (shown above). 

The pattern is a free pattern and can be purchased here . 

You can find the PDF of the pattern here .

For this scarf, you will need: Chunky yarn for head and body: 3.5 ounces (6.5 grams) of yarn for each body piece (8.5 meters) or 1.75 ounces of yarn for each head piece  (24 meters) of silk for the neck and waist. 

You will also need: 1/2 yard of yarn for the head  (18.5 inches)  or 1/4 yard of white wool (16.5 yards) (10 meters) for the sleeve. 

 Optional: 6 or 6 spools of chunky yarn (20 meters) (or you can use a larger spool of yarn) to weave in ends. 

This scarf will be super easy to make. 

If you are looking for a little extra, you can add an optional headband (see this tutorial for more details). 

This pattern was originally created by Alyssa and is available here .

The pattern was also published by The Crochet Dolls on the Holly Crochet Blog. 

For more great patterns, follow TheCrochetDolls on Instagram.

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