How to knit your own big knit blanket

I’m in the throes of a sweater-making frenzy.

I’ve started knitting blankets.

And I’ve made a few mistakes along the way.

Here are my tips for learning to knit, and for making a little extra money.


Knit a sweater before you start.

Knitting is the hardest part of any sweater, but I’d wager the more you learn, the easier it becomes.

I love the simplicity of a knit-a-thon, but if you’re not up for it, there’s an entire knitting blog devoted to knitting a sweater.

This post from Patrice has a great primer on the basics of knitting.

Knits have a lot of complexity and feel like a big deal to knit.

It’s a nice change from a regular sweater that takes forever.

So, knit a sweater that you can do with less effort and feel confident in.

Learn how to knit a scarf or sweater with a single crochet hook before you make a sweater blanket.


Don’t get caught up in the details.

Knitters have a reputation for making the perfect sweater.

That’s partly because knitters often make so many of the same things that most knitters don’t.

But sometimes the details matter.

For instance, some knitters choose to make their knitted blankets from an oversize blanket, while others prefer to knit smaller ones.

Learn about how you can find out what size is best for you.


Make your blanket in three different colors.

I hate to say it, but when it comes to creating a blanket, it’s really important to choose a pattern that’s versatile.

So I like to start with a simple color and work my way up to a bold color.

A bold blanket is a very simple and easy way to add character to a sweater, and it can make your blanket a bit more interesting.

For example, here’s a pattern I made for my cozy sweater blanket that uses two colors to contrast with a darker, warmer blanket.

(A darker blanket is more versatile and has a darker texture, so you can go with it.)

I used a pattern called BOLD, and I like it because it looks like a blanket with a bold, contrasting color.


Make a scarf from a single-color yarn.

The yarn I chose to knit my blanket in is a dark, rich, and smooth-looking yarn called merino wool.

It doesn’t look bulky or tacky.

But it’s also not a good choice for a scarf.

A scarf can be a bit bulky and unwieldy to work with, and a single color yarn is great for creating a more unique and wearable pattern.

For my blanket, I used yarn from a light-brown color called Merino.

Merino is a fairly light yarn, and this blanket is going to be soft.

It would also work well for a sweater or a coat.


If you need help with the design, get help.

I don’t know how many people know how to make a scarf, but there are plenty of knitters who do.

I use these great books: The Scarf Maker’s Guide: A Practical Guide to Making Scarves for Scarves, by Heather Anderson and Susan Stegman; and The Scarftheory Scarf Book: Making Scarf Patterns, by Rebecca Linn.


Know the pattern and use it for a blanket.

If I’ve already made a blanket and I need to make something else with the same pattern, I like a pattern to give me a quick reference.

If a blanket is too bulky or unwieldly, I can always use a pattern.

Here’s a scarf pattern I used for the sweater blanket: A scarf pattern works great when you’re just starting out.

I usually start with the pattern, make my blanket (with the right yarn and needle), and move onto the next pattern.


Don’ t let the color fool you.

Most knitters make their blanket from two different colors of yarn.

It makes it easy to work from the base to the top and back, and makes it easier to work the scarf pattern.

The pattern I’m using for this sweater blanket is Merino merino, but you can use other yarns as well.

I like using dark yarn for the base because it adds a more interesting color contrast, and because I like the shape of the scarf.


Use a gauge that’s appropriate for your size.

I’m 5’9 and have a 6’1 bust.

So my sweater blanket measures 5 1/2″ wide by 6″ long by 7″ deep.

A gauge that is perfect for me would be 9″ wide and 6″ high.

I find that a 10″ wide sweater blanket works best for me, so if you need a wider gauge, try the 12″ wide, 16″ high version.


Keep your pattern simple.

I make my pattern by following the same steps as the sweater pattern.

I just make the stitch markers that

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