How to get a cool, green electric blanket at Walmart, the world’s largest retail store, has been selling a green electric mattress that uses a cooling blanket to keep you cool.

It’s called the Cooling Bed, and it’s $60.

It works in the summer and is made of a fabric called Thermo-Dermelite, which is a special type of polyethylene that is used for insulation.

Walmart’s website describes it as “light, breathable, waterproof, hypoallergenic and soft and warm.”

The mattress is about 12 inches long and has a length of 10 inches and a width of about 1.5 inches.

Walmart said it has sold a similar mattress made by the company’s home furnishings division, and there are other versions that use Thermo Dermelites.

Walmart also has a Cooling Pad that comes in a variety of colors, including green and pink.

It also comes in green, blue, purple, and purple-red, and has an elastic band around the neck that can be pulled down and tucked under.

The Cooling Mat has a shelf of 10 and a “cooling cushion” that’s similar to a warm blanket.

When you place the mattress on a shelf, it will stay cool until you put it back on the shelf.

When the Cooler Pad is in the cooler and it comes out, the Coolening Beds are out and the Cool Pad will come back in.

The company said the Coolers come in a wide range of colors and the cushions are made of polyurethane foam.

You can also use the Coolering Mat to make a mattress out of a dry-bag.

It has an inner and an outer layer that is made from a mixture of polyester and cotton.

You pull the inner layer out and you have a mattress made of either cotton or cotton-based polyurethan.

Walmart says that the Coolin Beds can be used to make an additional mattress that you can put on your bedside table, or it can be added to a desk, and you can also place it on your mattress to make another blanket.

The coolers are also used for the insulation in the home insulation and air conditioning industries.

Walmart is using the Coolermax technology to make the Cool-Cooling Bed.

Walmart has not yet announced a release date for the Cool Bed.

The Walmart Cooling Beds cost $60, but they do come in different colors, so you can get a variety if you want.

Walmart did not say how long the Cool Mats last.

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