How to use a cheap throw blanket to make a cheap outdoor blanket

Cheap throw blankets are great for throwing into the ocean, but they also come with some serious disadvantages.

Here’s how to make one yourself.1.

Buy cheap throw Amazon.ca2.

Use cheap throw towelsAmazon.


Cut out a large sheet of cheap throw fabricAmazon.


Spread out the throw blanketAmazon.


Cover the throw fabric with fleeceAmazon.


Make a pile of blanketsAmazon.


Wrap a thin towel around the blanketAmazon.(

Take your cheap throw bag with you and head to the ocean.



Wrap up your cheap blanketAmazon(

Use the cheap throw towel to warm up your backpack or pack and store it for later.


Keep a warm and dry blanket in the bagAmazon.(,ebay)12.

Use a cheap fleece to make some warm clothingAmazon.(

Put a blanket on your head and head for the oceanAmazon.(eBay)(www.(ebay)(www)14.

Wear a cheap blanket on top of your headAmazon.(ebays(ebay))15.

Make some warm clothes with a throw blanket or blanket holderAmazon.(ibid)(ibid)16.

Wrap the blanket around your head to keep warmAmazon.(emamazon)(www)(ebay.(ebates))17.

Wrap your throw blanket around the base of your hatAmazon.(freebees)(www.)18.

Wrap around your backpack and head out to the seasAmazon.(adidas)(www(ebates))(adidas)19.

Make your own throw blanket by cutting out a cheap fabricAmazon.(esp.ebates)(ebates(ebate))20.

Make an outdoor blanket by folding the throw sheetAmazon.(Freebees)(freebees(freebees))21.

Make it warm and cozy for youAmazon.(iamamazon)22.

Keep your throw bag warm with the cheap fleecesAmazon.( freebees)(Freebees)23.

Wrap one of your cheap throws around your bodyAmazon.( adidas)(ebate)24.

Wrap an old cheap throw around your neckAmazon.(lulu)(www)”25.

Wrap yourself in a blanketAmazon.”(lulu)26.

Make use of a cheap throwing blanketAmazon.”(lulus)27.

Make something from your throw or throw towelAmazon.(FREEbees)(FREEbees)28.

Make and wear a hat with a cheap flannel hatAmazon.

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