Security blanket from Damon Salvatore covers all of your favorite items

Damon Salvato has created a faux fur blanket for the Holidays that covers all your favorite objects from your favorite TV shows to your favorite books.

The faux fur is made of recycled paper and wool, and Salvato says that the blanket is made out of the material’s natural, environmentally friendly properties, like the ability to keep a warm temperature even when exposed to the elements.

You can see Salvato’s faux fur on the Holiday Collection page here.

Salvato and his team are hoping to sell the faux fur for $250 a piece on Amazon, and it’s expected to go on sale later this year.

Salvatato, who is also a designer, said he was inspired to create the blanket after visiting the US and spending time with some of the country’s most endangered wildlife, including bears and grizzly bears.

Salvatos design also includes a photo of the polar bear cubs that he and his partner were keeping.

“I was really curious about how animals in the wild are living and what is going on,” Salvato said in a press release.

“One of the things that we realized was that animals in these environments are often being exploited, and that these animals need protection from human beings.”

Salvato is hoping to raise enough money to fund a full-size, fully-functional replica of the faux furry blanket to be worn in the homes of the world’s homeless.

Salvati also said that the design will help people “be more aware of the problems they are causing to the environment and the people around them.”

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