The best ’90s softball-sized pillow

New York Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner has been spotted sleeping in a softball, but he says it’s just a toy.

The softball king of softball has been making his own pillow for years, and he says he doesn’t want to take it away from anyone.

“It’s just for the ladies.

I just think it’s really, really fun to have a pillow for ladies,” he said, in an interview with USA Today Sports.

“If you can’t have a soft ball pillow, you should have a bed pillow.

It’s fun to wear a pillow on the court and I really enjoy it.

I love being able to sit on it, have fun with it and feel like I’m on the same page as everybody else.”

It’s not just the softball pillow that Steinbros latest invention is made from.

Steinbruins team softball equipment is also designed to be wearable.

He’s made pillow covers, pillow caps and other softball related items from a variety of materials.

He also makes softball pads, softball balls, softballs, softwares and other related products.

Steinbrus’ softball team also includes a ball pit, which he says is “just the right size for me and my wife to sleep on” and is the perfect place to play softball.

“I’m not a big fan of having a soft pitch in our house because it’s hard to keep your legs straight, but we do have a ballpit.

So, it’s a great spot for us to play.

It also works really well for our players to sit down, relax and have a good game.”

He also made a soft pillow for his players to use while they’re sleeping on.

“A pillow with a soft pad on it is always nice to have, especially if it’s been used by a woman,” he says.

Steins team also has a soft bed.

“The soft beds are great for our guys to sleep in and get a great night’s sleep,” he adds.

“So, it makes sense to make soft beds for women, too.”

Softballs have a history of being a place where women can go for comfort.

They have long been used as an intimate space for men to meet new people, and many softball teams even offer a “home” softball field for men.

The team’s website says they want to make the sport more accessible for women and people of all ages.

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