Which animals are adorable?

It was a big day for the world of animals, with an amazing day of rescues, adoptions, and rescue events at the Zoo in London.

Here’s what to know.

Here are some of the biggest stories of the day.

First up was a man rescued from a cage on the roof of the zoo after he’d fallen off a horse.

The man, known only as “Joe,” had been locked inside the cage for a week with a rope tied around his neck, his face and neck so covered that he could only see the inside.

He’d been chained to the wall by his feet for hours.

The cage’s ceiling was too low, so the animal had to wear an oxygen mask.

After nearly three days, the man, who is in his 30s, was rescued and released into the wild on Saturday.

“I can’t wait to see him again,” zoo curator Lisa Taylor told CNN affiliate the BBC.

Zoo staff and animal rescue volunteers rescued three horses and one donkey from the cage in a separate rescue operation that was launched on Sunday.

It was one of the largest rescues in the zoo’s history.

On Monday, Zoo staff and volunteers found the body of a 10-year-old girl, who had been rescued from the cages in a rescue operation.

A rescue team was also on the scene to recover her.

A third horse, a 12-year old male named Rupo, was found dead on Monday.

The zoo is the first major facility in the world to be entirely powered by renewable energy.

“We are proud of our work to use renewable energy and to use natural materials and technologies to provide an environment that is safe and warm for all animals and visitors,” said Zoo executive director Sue Brown.

The next big story came on Monday, when rescuers found a dog in a cage in the animal wing.

The dog was an 18-month-old male named Tuff, and zoo staff said they are taking it to a vet for an autopsy.

The zoo’s director, Barbara Taylor, told reporters that “this is a terrible day for animals.”

There were a lot of big events happening throughout the day, including a special animal reunion at the zoo, which featured a number of animal species, including an alligator, a tiger, a rabbit, a crocodile, a leopard, a dolphin, a parrot, a cockatoo, a porcupine, and a lion.

The first day’s rescue efforts were particularly important, Taylor said, as it was the first time a rescue team has been on site at the London Zoo since it opened in 2006.

“Our rescue teams have been very involved in rescuing animals in the past, but this is the largest rescue operation ever in the UK,” Taylor said.

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