Berkshire blankets a stunning 100 acres with 100 acres of sea grass in Hudson Bay

Berkshires blanket of sea greenery will be up for sale in 2019, a record-breaking price for an island, as part of a global auction.

The bid is expected to reach $6 million, according to the New York Times.

The island is located in the waters of Hudson Bay in the north-east of the state, and the land is now the world’s largest commercial oceanfront.

A bid by the US government for the island was $2.3 million.

Berkshire said the sale was made possible by the world-leading sea grass industry in the UK, which has grown to almost 200 million hectares of grasslands.

The auction, held in New York, has raised more than $6.5 million.

It is a huge boost to the UK’s marine conservation, which is facing growing threats from climate change and the development of artificial reefs.

Berkeshire is one of five islands on the UK mainland, including Isle of Wight, which the UK government is planning to buy in 2019.

The other five islands are: Isle of Lewis, Isle of Anglesey, Isle Of Wight-Hampshire, and Isle of Islay.

Berkeleys island is the second largest island in the world, and its size is not considered a major concern, according the Guardian.

But some experts believe the island could face a problem in a changing climate.

Sea grasses can absorb carbon dioxide, which can then be absorbed by trees, which could cause a loss of biodiversity.

“It is important to think about the impact on our ecosystems, our biodiversity, and it could be quite significant,” said John Farrar, director of the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies at Plymouth University.

“What is happening now with sea grass is very fast and it’s going to become more of a problem.”

There is already an overfishing, we’re just at a tipping point in terms of the extent of the damage that’s being done.

“Sea grass has a long history on British shores, as the sea grass grows in the water.

In fact, some of the world largest commercial islands, such as Isle of Man and Isle Of Lewis, are now covered with sea-grown grass.

Sea-grown greenery is also a staple in the islands’ gardens, and is commonly sold at auctions.”

We’re not looking at the islands as islands of the future.

They’re islands of past,” said Farrat.

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