‘Chunky’ knit blanket ideas, chunky knit, ideas for your kids

You can make a cozy, warm, and cozy little blanket.

Here are some chunky knitted blankets ideas for kids, including a cute blanket for toddlers.1.

The Little Bunny-Collar Blanket (with a rabbit-collar design)2.

The Purl Stuffed Cuffin Blanket3.

The Socky Stuffed Stuffed Blanket4.

The Bunny Stuffed Baby Blanket5.

The Chunky Knitted Blanket with Bunny Stuffing6.

The Baby Stuffed Bunny Blanket7.

The Cuddle Chunky Bunny Blankets8.

The Stuffed Chunky Blanket9.

The Kid-Friendly Blanket10.

The Kids’ Lively Blanket11.

The Blanket for the Cute Baby in the Night-time!12.

The Kitty-Covered Bunny Blankettie13.

The Rainbow Stuffed Padded Blanket14.

The Cat-Stuffed Bunny-Coated Blanket15.

The Winky Stuffed Flannel Blanket16.

The Cozy Cat-Friendliest Blanket17.

The Fun Kitty Stuffed Bun Blanket18.

The Cool Cat Stuffed Socks Blanket19.

The Lively Cat-Faced Blanket20.

The Super Lively Stuffed Pocket Blanket21.

The Great Stuffed Cat Blanket22.

The Sweet Kitty Stuffed Blanket23.

The Good Kitty Stacked Blanket24.

The Wonderful Kitty Stuffs Blanket25.

The Pink Cat Stacked Stuffed Bag BlanketThis is a great knit blanket for kids who love the smell of kitty fur, especially if the cats are cute and adorable.

Here’s how to make it!1.

Make your bunny-collar blanket.

Cut out a large circle about the size of a quarter and draw a circle in the center of the circle with a pencil.2.

Cut a small triangle out of a contrasting color.3.

Fold the circles together into a triangle and sew the bottom and sides together.4.

Cut the corners out and shape them into a square.5.

Fold in the ends to form a triangle.6.

Cut and shape a button hole.7.

Pin the button hole to the inside of the blanket.8.

Cut one long end of the bunny collar out and sew it into the middle of the center circle.9.

Press the button into place and sew to the bottom of the pattern.

This adorable blanket is perfect for babies, toddlers, and kids who want to make a family of kittens.

It’s also perfect for the little ones.

The bunny collar is knit in a circular pattern and is finished with a bunny stitch.

There are three bunny holes and three button holes.

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