How to help your kids recover from an explosion

A parent’s best friend might be their worst enemy, but if you are the parent of a newborn baby boy, he might just need to take extra care to protect him from an accidental explosion.

That is the message from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) after a boy, who is under the age of 10, was injured by an accidental discharge from an eroding gel in a hospital.

The explosion was caused when the gel was placed inside the plastic bag containing the newborn’s pacifier.

The boy, a resident of Mokha village in northern Kenya, had a broken neck and other injuries, but was able to recover after being transported to a hospital in Nairobi.

A report from UNODC says that the gel discharged during the blast in the hospital is a type of explosive, which has been known to cause explosions and injuries.

“A number of other similar gel bombs have been found in Kenya,” the report reads.

“The explosive gel used in the Mokhas explosion, the type that was discharged in the Kibera incident, is known to be explosive and has been associated with an increased risk of injury or death.”

However, UNODA says that “the device that exploded in the Nairobbi hospital was not a gel bomb, and it was not the type of gel bomb that has been identified as causing an explosion in other incidents.”

So far, the investigation has not been able to find any evidence that the child suffered a medical emergency.

The UNODAC also pointed out that “it is not clear that the accident could have been prevented.”

According to UNODIAC, there have been several other accidental deaths caused by eroding foam or gel bombs.

“This is the third such incident that has occurred in Kenya since 2010 and is the second such incident in the last year.

A similar incident occurred in July 2017, when two gel bombs exploded at the Mabu Mabun hospital in Kiberi,” the UNODACC said.

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