How to keep baby’s head covered for hours

You’re about to leave the baby on a cool, dry, warm, or warm-to-bedded mattress, so why not cover him up in a blanket?

I’m glad you asked, because this blanket makes it easy to get him comfortable while you sleep, but it also can be an annoyance during the day.

I’ve seen this happen at least two dozen times, and it usually takes a bit of elbow grease to get it right.

Here are the five biggest reasons why you need to cover your baby with a blanket: 1.

You’re afraid to wake him: There’s nothing quite like a cold night without having to wake your baby to check on him.

The blanket is a great way to let him know he’s safe.

If you’re not sure how to wake a baby, check out this video by our friend Heather McBride.


It helps you sleep longer: I’ve heard from moms who’ve used this blanket in their sleepover party, and they’ve had a lot of success with their babies.


It makes you feel more at ease when you’re away: Even though the blanket is on your lap, you can still get a feel for your baby’s body by looking at him or her from a distance.


You can get to sleep more comfortably: If you’ve had kids for years and are aching to get up and get some sleep, this blanket can be the perfect solution.

It gives you more comfort, and you can get some peace and quiet to go along with it. 5.

It can be a way to feel more connected to your baby: I’m not saying that you need a blanket to get to know your baby, but if you’re worried that your baby won’t feel comfortable, this is an excellent way to keep him or a close relative safe while you’re out and about.

If it doesn’t work, you’ll know you need one.

And if you want to know more about how to use a blanket and its benefits, check this out.

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